What Lies Beneath the Uniform

So young. So promising. So talented. Tonight, the sudden death of Washington State’s quarterback Tyler Hilinski rocked the sports world. At 21 years old, his death is tragic, devastating, and unfathomable.  No death of a young person seems understandable but death by apparent suicide makes it even more tragic and heartbreaking. Somewhere in history, people Read more about What Lies Beneath the Uniform[…]

The Motherhood of the Brotherhood

Thanksgiving Day means gratitude, family, and feeding our faces all day with obnoxious amounts of food. It means morning Turkey Trots, afternoon naps, evening lounging and laughing with those you love.  For high school football players, practicing on Thanksgiving means you are still in it, still playing under the lights and still working towards the Read more about The Motherhood of the Brotherhood[…]

Thank you Teachers, You Made a Difference

November is the month for being thankful, showing gratitude and having reflection on our lives and our blessings.  We seem to thank and appreciate everyone and everything, so much that genuine appreciation sometimes gets lost.  I laugh during the year when I see things like National Squirrel Appreciation Day (they freak me out- rodents with Read more about Thank you Teachers, You Made a Difference[…]