Being a Lit Parent Doesn’t Mean Pulling Out the Wine

We have the English language. We have Sign Language.  We have Foreign Language. We have Unspoken Language. And then we have Teenage Language. Of all the languages, Teenage Language is the most difficult to learn. So much of what our teenager says  actually means something completely different. We, as parents, are left to scramble and Read more about Being a Lit Parent Doesn’t Mean Pulling Out the Wine[…]

What Lies Beneath the Uniform

So young. So promising. So talented. Tonight, the sudden death of Washington State’s quarterback Tyler Hilinski rocked the sports world. At 21 years old, his death is tragic, devastating, and unfathomable.  No death of a young person seems understandable but death by apparent suicide makes it even more tragic and heartbreaking. Somewhere in history, people Read more about What Lies Beneath the Uniform[…]