Five Reasons Therapy Is Cool

Therapy is cool. It can be a life-changing decision that brings peace and clarity to our lives. Here are 5 reasons #therapy is cool.

Just Doing Life

The Ball is in Our Court America

Dear America, Our world is turned upside down. Two short months ago feels like a lifetime ago. Life “back then” was normal, easy, flowing. We were all just doing our thing. Waking up, getting the kids to school, going to work, hitting the gym on the way home,...

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The Email That Changed Our Lives

Career change” the email said. I almost clicked the trash button before I even opened it-- I was sure this email had spam written all over it. It had been a hard few months dealing with loss.  In March our sweet boxer suddenly died when a tumor burst in her...

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My Footprint

August always marks another trip around the sun for me.  It is another year, a new age to embrace and another chance to make a footprint on this world. While I’ve added a few extra pounds this year (dammit!) and my boob size is 36 LONG, I continue to embrace myself...

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