Just Because Their Path is Different Doesn’t Mean They are Lost

It’s a moment I’ll never forget. I was a senior in high school and working on writing my college applications. Back in the day, everything was done on a typewriter or hand written. It was a long process and my parents' dining room table became a makeshift office. One...

Just Doing Life

Dear Class of 2021

There is nothing to say to you that hasn’t been said. We are sorry. Nothing happened the way you imagined. You were robbed. It sucks. It wasn’t fair. I’m sure you’ve heard it all. Our words are not intended to take away your disappointments, dismiss your feelings...

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Be Your Own Michelangelo

When I was a little girl I was certain I wanted to be Tinkerbell  at Disneyland.   I wanted to wear that cute little green costume, fly over the parade down Main Street and sprinkle pixie dust... for the rest of my life. As I got older, that dream changed.  I went...

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