No Goodbye Is An Easy Goodbye

They prepare you for the first goodbye. You know what to expect and you feel armed with tools to get you through. Lunches with friends, traveling, remodeling a room or two, finding new interests. It helps salve the parent-heart that suddenly feels so lost and empty....

Loss & Grief

Goodbye, Sweet Boy

Two nights ago, I received a message no one wants to get. My precious cousin took his life.  He was 45 years young.  It was a gut-wrenching moment.  Heartbroken. Tears.  Sadness. Statistics show that around 800,000 people die by suicide every year, and it’s the...

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A Daughter’s Lesson

Dear Mom and Dad, I get it.  I freakin’ get it! It took me a while but I finally think I know what you meant when many moons ago, in a heated moment, when you told me, “One day, you will understand.” Wait.  Understand what?  You never answered me but those words...

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