Where You Lead, I’ll Follow

Recently my daughter and I did a much needed impromptu escape. Turns out sometimes escaping can actually be reconnecting. We were supposed to go look at colleges, do some exploring of potential places she might want to spend 4 years of her life. Check out new cities,...


25 Years Later, This is Us

Mom… I met a boy. You did? What’s his name? Kris. He’s really tall and he’s really cute. Is Tall Kris nice? Is he funny? Is he smart? Seems like it.  I think you and Dad would like him. Oh, maybe we will meet Tall Kris one day. That’s a long way off but who knows....

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In Case You Didn’t Know

I can't count the times I almost said what's on my mindBut I didn'tJust the other dayI wrote down all the things I'd sayBut I couldn'tI just couldn'tI know that you've been wonderingMmm, so here goes nothing…. In case you didn’t knowI’m so thankful for youWithout...

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