Give Yourself the Gift of Flexibility This Holiday Season

As we go into the holidays during such a crazy time, the best gift you can give yourself is the gift of flexibility. Find out what the word “tradition” means in Latin and why we need to be open to change during a time that we need more blessing, less stressing.

Self Care

Hello 2020, What’s your One-Word?

It’s time again.  Another year, another word.  Hello 2020. Last year I shared my philosophy on resolutions. They don’t work for me.  I stopped making them because it didn’t make sense-why set myself up to fail? I decided to try something different and embrace a...

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My Footprint

August always marks another trip around the sun for me.  It is another year, a new age to embrace and another chance to make a footprint on this world. While I’ve added a few extra pounds this year (dammit!) and my boob size is 36 LONG, I continue to embrace myself...

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Kelly’s Law of Attraction

The days are long but the years are short... Yesterday my oldest turned 21 years old. Like I-can-go-buy-a-bottle-of-Jack-Daniels 21. Like give-me-a-shot 21. Like I-am-a-man 21. All-day I kept thinking about the juice box drinking, Gatorade chugging, milk-shake...

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Can you pick just One Word?

Life is pretty simple.  We complicate it and make things so much more difficult than it needs to be.  We insist on overthinking, over-analyzing, and over exaggerating.  We judge, complain, and criticize ourselves as well as others.  We bury ourselves beneath the...

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Girl, Drive Your Bus

Lies. We tell ourselves lies every day.  We go one step further. We make ourselves believe the lies.   We embrace the lies, live the lies, and define ourselves by the lies.  We are so sure the lies are real that we tell other people our lies because we want others...

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The Power is in the Period

I’m coming clean.  Truth time.  In hopes of being authentic, I’m taking my mask off and digging deep.  I’m unloading my laundry, literally. Here goes: My sock basket is never empty. (wince) As a matter of fact, I haven’t seen the bottom of it for like 8 years.  I...

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