History Is Made!

I can’t help but feel today represents all the strong and determined women that came before us. The women who fought for equal rights and equal pay, the women who fought to be given the same opportunities to achieve their dreams and do more than just type memos for...

Self Care

Good morning 2021!

Good morning 2021!! Not much feels different but so much feels different. We have survived a year like no other and we had to dig deeeeeep to figure ourselves out. We grew- just not in ways we thought we would at the start of 2020. Last January we had no idea what...

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Christmas is an Inside Job

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” is the perfect pandemic song for 2020. Emphasis on “little”. The original song by Judy Garland says… "Someday soon we all will be together If the fates allow Until then, we’ll have to muddle through somehow So have yourself a...

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Hello 2020, What’s your One-Word?

It’s time again.  Another year, another word.  Hello 2020. Last year I shared my philosophy on resolutions. They don’t work for me.  I stopped making them because it didn’t make sense-why set myself up to fail? I decided to try something different and embrace a...

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My Footprint

August always marks another trip around the sun for me.  It is another year, a new age to embrace and another chance to make a footprint on this world. While I’ve added a few extra pounds this year (dammit!) and my boob size is 36 LONG, I continue to embrace myself...

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