True Goodness Makes No Noise

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When good meets good, you create magic.

I took my mom to visit my Dad this weekend. It’s her first Christmas in almost 60 years without him. She wanted to visit, sit with him, share what’s been happening, and tell him how much she misses him. We arrived at the cemetery and immediately our eyes began to sweat.

What we witnessed was pure magic.

Every single gravesite had a beautiful Christmas wreath, completed by a stunning red bow. In true military fashion, they were uniformly placed and with accuracy and attention to detail. It was inspiring, touching and a beautiful way to honor so many heroes.

A priceless moment given to us and those who made it happen may never know how much it meant.

I know it took a small army of “silent volunteers” to make this happen. A group of wonderful people who came together to donate their time to serve a cause greater than themselves. Those who helped others without the expectation of receiving anything in return. People who received no recognition or public thank you but did a good deed simply to do a good thing.

My kind of people.

I love to make magical moments for others. Probably one of my favorite things to do. But this time, I was humbled to be on the receiving end. I was given a gift and the magic was felt deeply. I was grateful that my father’s place of rest is one that continues to honor the legacy of the wonderful man he was.

And that other people took the time to make this happen caused me to feel immense gratitude and appreciation for people I have never met.

After visiting my dad we slowly drove around, in awe, with Christmas music playing softly. No words were spoken between us because sometimes there is no need to communicate when your heart feels full. My mom left feeling so close to my father and incredibly appreciative for those who helped make that happen.

There’s so much that needs to be done in this crazy world that we forget how important small deeds are. How valuable and appreciated they are. How essential they are to humanity. How kindness breeds kindness, especially if your efforts are done in silence and without expectation or recognition.

The silent volunteers who do good deeds simply because it’s the right thing to do, however big or small, are the ambassadors of goodwill and those are the people who truly make our world a better place.



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