Sometimes the Best Answer Doesn’t Come from Your Mouth, It Comes from Your Arms

Sometimes the best conversations with our teenagers are the ones that all we do is listen and offer a hug. Effective communication is not in our words but often lies in our arms.


Dear Parent of a 2020 Graduate

Dear Parent of a 2020 Graduate, I am sorry.  I am so sorry for what is happening in our world that has affected your child’s senior year. It is heartbreaking. There is no nice way to convey how sad I am for you other than to say, “It sucks”.  COVID-19 has disrupted...

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All Too Soon…

Last weekend I was in Las Vegas, the City of Lights. Before you conjure ideas of a weekend filled with flashy shows, incredible restaurants and glitz and glamour, let me clarify. I was Las Vegas supporting my 15-year-old daughter at a 3-day long volleyball...

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