Parenting 2.0: Our College Roommates

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Last week my daughter got strep throat. It’s bound to happen when you live in a petri dish called a dorm. It was no fun but she survived. Thank you Door Dash for the $18 smoothie.

The student health center called the prescription for antibiotics over to a pharmacy in town but my daughter doesn’t have a car to pick it up. So her sweet roommate (shout out Sophie!) hopped on a Lime scooter and picked it up. All week her roommates checked in on her and took good care of her. I was relieved to know she wasn’t alone.

If I couldn’t be there, they were the next best thing.

Someone once suggested that our college roommates “finish the job of raising us”.

I couldn’t agree more.

College roomies are more than people
you share a fridge or a bathroom with. They are an integral part of who we become as adults. They have a big impact on our social connections, health, academic achievements and attitude about challenges we might face.

Just like parents.

They look after each other. Reminding you to text if you are sleeping somewhere else and to be safe. They are there in a pinch and have seen you at your best and your worst. At the end of the day, there is a comfort in having someone to talk with.

Just like parents.

There are days you love them to pieces and days where they absolutely drive you crazy. You work through conflicts and find a good balance of “I don’t always agree with you but I can tolerate you”.

Just like parents.

There might be clashes and disagreements but you must learn to communicate with them if there is going to be harmony and a peaceful living environment. Roomies have different beliefs, upbringings and struggles and learning to live with someone means learning to accept and manage these differences.

Just like parents.

When I reflect back on my own college roommates, they did raise me. Shout out ladies!! They had a large part in making me who I am today. They reminded me of my worth, mended my broken heart and told me certain guys weren’t worth my tears. They helped me pick my outfits(looking back I’m not quite sure they were a good influence in this area!) , had gripe sessions, and sat with me on the bathroom floor when I was sick. We went on road trips, had dinner together, celebrated birthdays and holidays and did a whole of of nothing together.

Just like family.

They told me when I was a dumbass, called me out for stupid and careless decisions and loved me through all my flaws and imperfections.

Side note: they were probably next to me when I did most of those stupid things (possibly encouraging me!) but I knew they had my back if I needed them.

We quizzed each other for tests we forgot to prepare for, grew an appreciation for clean sheets or cheap meals and learned the hangover difference in corked wine and twist top wine.

They taught me about the value of budgeting so there was always enough money left at the end of the week for a 4-pack of Bartles and Jaymes and late night Taco Bell run.

We called each other out for messy bathrooms, needing to take a shower and about being responsible for your own dishes in the sink. My college friendships taught me about accountability and ownership. We grew up, learned from our mistakes and raised each other to be functioning adults.

My parents laid the roots but my roommates helped test and strengthen the wings. My parents started the job but my roommates finished it.

I’m realizing now that college is not just four years, it’s for life. The people we meet are not just roommates, they become family. And the lessons and experiences gained, we carry with us forever.

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  1. Lourdes Moore

    Love this….absolutely same experience with my roommates! Brings back such great memories.


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