2023… My Word for the Year

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New year, new word.

Last year my word for 2022 was ADVENTURE, and I made sure I lived that word to the fullest.

I embraced an empty nest, new experiences, more spontaneity and explored new places with curiosity and wonder. I said yes to scary things and tried to be more adventurous with eating (or at least trying) new foods. I didn’t let fear or worry or doubt stop me.

In September I went to Chicago for a dear friends son‘s wedding. I went by myself, even though I got to play with family and friends along the way. One day, there were things in the city I really wanted to see but it was getting close to night time and I was unsure about going out alone. I made myself a deal—I would be adventurous as long as I felt safe. So I set out in the city to walk around, only where I felt physically safe, and see the things I wanted to. It was amazing— so wonderful, enlightening, empowering and invigorating. I know it wasn’t truly “daring” but it sure felt that way and I loved that adventure.

Here is what I am figuring out: You never know what might be behind that little obstacle. Living in comfort 365 days is a year is boring and not in my plans. My greatest source of learning is the experiences of my adventures and there is nothing like finding yourself with no one around.

The beauty of the word adventure was the fact that each person has a different opinion of what adventure is and what adventure looks like in their life. No one’s version is wrong.

It was the absolute perfect word for me and for 2022.

So what does my 2023 word look like?

I’ve gone back-and-forth on trying to find the right word. I would think of a word, sit with it for a little bit, chew on it, and nothing really stuck.

Until it did.

My word for 2023 is the word OPEN.

I want to be OPEN MINDED. I want to be OPEN to new adventures. I want to be OPEN to forgiving. I want to continue to practice my #eyesup philosophy and OPEN my eyes to new people around me. I want to be OPEN to new ideas and maybe starting new traditions. I want to be OPEN to spontaneous moments. I want to be OPEN when people hurt my feelings instead of pushing my feelings down and ignoring how I feel. I want to be OPEN to being vulnerable. I want to keep my door OPEN so friends and family feel safe and comfortable in my home. I want to OPEN my perspective and see that there are more ways to do things than just the way I think. I want to be more OPEN to being kind, forgiving and compassionate to my self.

I want to be OPEN to all that life has to offer.

Being OPEN feels so light. It takes me

out of my comfort zone and that’s okay. To be OPEN is to live with a sense of curiosity, where every moment is an opportunity for learning. I seek new adventures, constant exploring and interesting conversations with strangers.

I’m realizing that my time left on earth is completely up to me as to how I will spend it. If I don’t seize the opportunities to live my life, time will pass by and I will be left with regret and disappointment. But I live with an OPEN heart, and OPEN mind and an OPEN outlook, I will leave this earth— one day— with a full heart, a lifetime of memories, and no regrets.

2023… LFG. Full send.

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  1. Carol Nolasco

    I enjoyed reading this. Will be back to read more. ❤️


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