Little word, Big Impact

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When is life ever going to go my way?
I am sorry, I don’t know that answer.
Nothing good ever happens to me.
Yet, I replied.

What? she asked with complete doubt.

Yet, I said.

Over the course of the next few months anytime she would say something applicable, I would add the word “yet”.

I haven’t met someone who treats me the way I want to be treated.

I just don’t see a fulfilling job in my future.

I can’t stop feeling like I’m jinxed.

If I’m so ready why isn’t it happening.

I can’t see myself ever fully happy because something always happens just when things start looking up.

Three small letters but so much power.


Life is always a classroom. Our actions are the most powerful teaching tool at our disposal and when we stay in control of our words and emotions and learn from
mistakes, anything is possible.

Sounds cliché but it’s not.

When life becomes challenging, it’s easy to let go of our dreams and believe we aren’t deserving of good things or good people. Its easy to chose words that say if it hasn’t happened, it never will. It’s easy to say I can’t.

Or we can dig in.

We can keep practicing. We can keep growing. We can keep looking up. We can keep reaching. We can adopt a can-do attitude knowing that deeper understanding takes time.

YET simply means it’s time to persevere!

If you can’t do it right now…keep working. Keep trying. Keep believing. It’s not easy and I don’t promise immediate positive results, but this very small word allows for success. YET maximizes small wins and inspires personal change. YET loves baby steps.

YET says you know all those disappointments and failures? They were just stepping stones to get you exactly where you are suppose to be.

Today I was asked to write the word YET on a piece of paper. Anything else I asked? Nope, just that word. I was a little baffled but followed instructions.

Turns out my doubting client is a believer.

Over the course of lots of hard work, lots of reflection, lots of questions and lots of empowerment to change what wasn’t working, the tide turned her way.

Good things are happening. As a matter of fact, very good things are happening.

Is everything perfect? No, but she hears that little voice in her head reminding her to be patient, to fight whatever obstacles stand in her way, to find new strategies instead of just feeling frustrated, and to see mistakes and failures as a sign of progress.

She feels hopeful.

But why the piece of paper I asked?

She has an appointment to get her first tattoo. And the word YET— in my handwriting—will be a forever reminder to her to never give up and to remember to believe in herself and celebrate her learning journey as it unfolds.



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