Dear Class of 2021

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There is nothing to say to you that hasn’t been said.

We are sorry.

Nothing happened the way you imagined.

You were robbed.

It sucks.

It wasn’t fair.

I’m sure you’ve heard it all. Our words are not intended to take away your disappointments, dismiss your feelings or brush over the sadness you may have experienced. Whatever you feel, you are entitled to it. We know that nothing we could say will bring back all that you have lost this year.

It is simply meant to let you know that we see you and our hearts are broken for you. We recognize how very hard of a year this was for your class and all you had to pivot on. We hold the Class of 2021 deep in our hearts because we know it wasn’t supposed to be like this.

Your entire final year was a guessing game. There was nothing known, besides the fact that we were disconnected. It was a year characterized by uncertainty and confusion, ups and downs and so many things we had absolutely no control over.

Senior year- the “best year”. The year of being leaders, captains, section leaders and club presidents. Technically considered the “fun year” because you have one foot out the door and ready for your next new adventure. The year you come into your own before you launch out on your own.

The Class of 2021 did not get a senior year that was even remotely normal

or traditional. No pun intended. Some of you may not get a proper goodbye, a chance to say bye to your classmates, a chance to have closure with your school, your teachers and the people you grew up with.

I know you don’t want to hear it again but it it’s true: I am so sorry.

One thing we do know is that after the storm, the sun does shine.

And have no doubt, the Class of 2021 will shine.

Your class, the AMAZING class of 2021, has learned so much, even before you start the “school of life”.  You are equipped to face any struggles and challenges that life will throw at you.

Your senior year- as painful and abnormal as it was- offered a peak into the future and how your class will do at the next stage in your lives. Here is what the crystal ball reveals about the Class of 2021:

You are a resilient group of humans. You adapted, accepted and achieved in the worst of times. You are brave, smart and courageous.

You have grit. And you have resilience. Ultimately, your grit will have more to do with your success than your IQ and other inherited gifts put together.  I always say…”Smart is nice but grit is immeasurable”. When you have grit, nothing can stop you. I’ll take guts over brains any day.

You know the value of good mental health.  Your class was pushed into the fire of self awareness and monitoring your emotions and feelings. So many of you learned that reaching out for help was not a weakness but rather a tremendous strength. You had to grow up a little faster than your peers but down the line, this maturity and insight will help you be better balanced adults. Lord knows the world needs more of those!

You have learned the value of good friendships and connections. You have learned to appreciate a good hug or handshake, seeing someone smile or laugh and cherish time socializing with people you enjoy. What a gift to take going forward.

You learned that you can do hard stuff. Really hard stuff. You figured out how to learn important things through your laptops or zoom meetings. You were challenged with learning how to communicate effectively without being face to face. You learned how to work together like never before. Simply put: you learned life lessons that will serve you well in the future.

You had time to invest in the people who matter most to you. The people who care about you are what matters more than anything else and your class learned this first hand. This is a huge win in life and something that will stick with you forever.

Your class motto should be “We can, We will and We did”. Your class learned to appreciate the little moments or small wins. Traditional milestones were upended this year and you showed resilience in how you adjusted to all that was out of your control. Your class practiced patience and gratitude for small moments or memories, even if it looked different than what you had imagine. You have not only endured, but you have thrived.

You have been forced to be creative and nurture a new appreciation for your teachers/tutors/coaches/parents and their commitment to wanting to help you be a better person. Go be that person for someone else.

So Class of 2021, here is what I am saying to you: Be proud. Stand tall. Smile big. Seek adventure. Enjoy any celebrations for you. Nurture your mental health. Thank those who helped you make it here. Cheer for your classmates. Appreciate each and every day. Don’t settle. You can’t do this alone so surround yourself with good people. Go out and show the world what a bad-ass class you are and let yourself shine.

Blind us with your light.

We are behind you and we are with you. We are proud of you and believe in you. We can’t wait to watch you make a difference in the world.

The time is yours- make it count.

Go live the life that will write the story you are meant to tell. Appreciate the mountain you climbed to get to wherever you are headed.

Congratulations Class of 2021. Hats off to you, Class of 2021- you did it with a style all your own. Much respect.



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