Good morning 2021!

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Good morning 2021!!

Not much feels different but so much feels different.

We have survived a year like no other and we had to dig deeeeeep to figure ourselves out. We grew- just not in ways we thought we would at the start of 2020. Last January we had no idea what we would face for the next 12 months. The things that we went through together in 2020 have changed us, shaped us, challenged us, broke us, taught us, healed us, reminded us, and transformed us.

And yet, here we are.

My New Years tradition rebukes resolutions. They feel more like homework, expectations—set-ups for disappointment, and failure. It’s not very compassionate to put all that pressure on ourselves at this time of the year. If you are someone who sticks all year to their resolutions, good for you! Please tell me your secrets.

Instead of resolutions, I chose to pick a one-word and set that word as my intentional word for the year. This word encapsulates what I need more of, what I need to be reminded of, what I want to focus on. This word helps guide me towards how I want to grow, what I want to accomplish and pushes me to pay attention to areas of my life I tend to ignore.

When choosing your word think about what you want to accomplish in all areas of your life – relationships, self-growth, career, home, family, finance, etc. Reminder: this is not about overachieving or setting yourself up to give up, it’s about ensuring that you don’t give up on you. This word becomes your ONE WORD for 2021.

Last year I chose the word “Light”… or the world chose me. 2020 was one of the darkest years for so many people and I think professionally I tried to help people walk through the darkness without feeling alone. Personally, I was reminded to find little moments of LIGHT and let those moments be my beacon as we trudged through a year with so much isolation, fear, and unknown.

For months during the early quarantine, we hosted Friday Night Happy Hour in our driveway for our neighbors. It had rules and boundaries, but it was a true light in my life. Everyone sat outside, 6-plus feet apart bringing their own chairs and drinks and being respectful of other people’s need for space. It was hard for the hostess in me to not provide drinks or snacks but I learned that the short time together, checking in on each other, was a LIGHT we all needed. Those Friday nights not only connected all our neighborhood but it lightened our load for sure.

The word LIGHT took on so many meanings, ones I never expected. And it explained so many choices I made in 2020.

But it’s 2021 so time to turn the page and find a new word. It will take intentionality and commitment— one word will shape not only the year but also ourselves. It can become the compass that directs our decisions and guides our steps. It can be impactful, challenging, and enlightening.

My word for 2021 is RELEASE. Honestly, I’m not quite sure why that word is speaking so loudly to me be but it is. I guess all will be revealed in the next 12 months but I want to invite RELEASE into my life. What does that look like? Maybe letting go of expectations, practicing forgiveness, or releasing stress. RELEASE feels much lighter and allows me to chose what to hold on to and what to let go of. RELEASE feels right.

So now I challenge you. What’s your ONE WORD for 2021? Find it. Embrace it. Live it. Share it.

Hey 2021, we are ready for you!!

Bring it on.


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