JOMO… a Whole New Lens!

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I saw this recently and I loved seeing JOMO!! Why had I never heard that term??!!

I’m so late to the party.

FOMO… the arch enemy of all of us. The joy robber, the anxiety creater, the social media trap. The fear that we are missing out, unincluded, unimportant, or unwanted. The message that our lives are some how less happy, less valuable, and less interesting.

Lies, lies, lies.

FOMO was added to the Oxford Dictionary in 2013 and defined as the “anxiety that an exciting or interesting event may currently be happening elsewhere, often aroused by posts seen on social media.”

We all know that Facebook or Instagram doesn’t provide a very well-rounded picture of people’s lives. But despite knowing this, it’s so hard not compare our lives to everyone else’s.

When we get caught up in the loop of FOMO we tune out the real world and tune in to the fake ones we see on social media.

And that’s what the research shows: people with FOMO stop paying attention to life and turn to social media for their happiness.

FOMO is a sure fire recipe for unhappiness and self depreciation.

So what’s JOMO???

The Joy Of Missing Out!!

That’s right… Joy!!

JOMO is the emotionally intelligent cure for FOMO.

JOMO says I can’t do it all and that’s okay. And I can’t be invited to everything and that’s okay. And I don’t have everything that other people and that’s okay.

JOMO invites us into the slow lane and tells us we aren’t doing anything wrong and to let go of the “shoulds”.

JOMO says only do what feels right.

JOMO gives us permission to say “No”. Or “I’ll pass”. Or “Maybe next time”. Self care, self awareness and self love all begins with “No” and JOMO brings value our “No”.

JOMO gives us tired women a voice to say “I’m exhausted and I just want to take a bath and have a glass of wine in my very ugly but very comfortable old sweatpants”.

JOMO is being good with hitting the off switch and worrying less about all that need to be done or finished.

JOMO is living an intentional life; committing to the few, important things rather than trying to jump on everything in the calendar.

JOMO let’s us clarify our priorities and simplify our lives. It reject the pressure to do more, be more, and achieve more.

Can I get an Amen to that?!

How can we embrace more JOMO in our lives?

Relish down time. Embrace self care. Disconnect from social media and the idea that you need to do more to be more attractive to other people. Be present and enjoy the moments and people around you.

Pick out the places, events and people that mean the most to you and double down on them, rather than spreading yourself across all things that you think you have to do.

Recharge your battery. Be happy saying No. Bring balance to your life. Connect to people who fill your bucket.

Exhale. Exhale. Exhale.

It’s okay to have fun and enjoy life but we all need a little reminder that it’s also okay to rest and spend time the way we want.

JOMO… my new best friend!!


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