Ain’t No Hood Like Motherhood

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My phone blew up on Sunday. It was lovely.

I am blessed to have different female friendships from all seasons of my life. An amazing array of strong women who span across the country that have become part of the fabric of who I am as a mother. Whether we did preschool days together, or elementary school mommas, sports mommas, or neighborhood moms… I know some pretty bad ass women.

Sunday proved it.

All day my phone pinged—either social media messages, group texts with fun moms or individual text messages from mom-friends all sharing the same message… “Happy Mother’s Day”. Not to mention a some very funny memes, gif’s, TikToks and videos all speaking “mom-lingo”.

Mom’s celebrating Moms.

Later I reflected on the umpteen text messages I had received. I wondered why this was? Mother’s Day we typically celebrate our mothers, but these women are not mother nor my children. They are not kids I have helped raise, nor are they even family to me. What gives?

It hit me. These text messages are just an example of how supportive, uplifting and encouraging moms are of other moms. We all come from the same place, a familiar season where we all grew up together, our hood—Motherhood.

And it’s like they say… “Ain’t no hood like Motherhood”.

But why do we support each other? Raise each other up? Tell our mom-gals what wonderful and inspiring women they are? Embrace our sisters who are walking the same road?Because we know this shit is hard.

Only a Mom knows it takes grit and grace to balance all that comes with Motherhood.

Only a Mom knows that from the moment that little human is placed in our arms, we change. An instant change. God trusted us with the most fragile and precious gift for a reason. And Mama Bears don’t mess around.

Only a Mom knows what it is like to hurt when your kid hurts. To wish away all their pains and cry on the inside because we are holding them as they are crying on the outside.

Only a Mom knows how tired we are. Frickin’ bone tired. There is drained, exhausted, spent, fatigued, and then there is Mom-tired. We have a category of our own.

Only a Mom knows what it is like to get on your knees to pray for someone that you love more than yourself. To pray hard for simple things: they meet a new friend, their broken heart heals or they have a good day at school.

Only a Mom knows what is like to hold your breath when your teenager starts driving. To wait to fall into deep sleep until you hear that front door or garage door open (sidenote: a creaky door is a blessing!!) and you know they are home and safe.

Only a Mom knows how stinky our kids can be. How disrespectful, spoiled, or unappreciative they can be. How hormonal they can be. How they can behave nothing like we raised them. Only to know that all gets pushed aside when they slide up and ask for a hug or for forgiveness.

Only a Mom knows how another Mom feels when their littles are crying in a store, or having a huge, very loud meltdown in public. We smile at each other, not with judgment or criticism, but with “I’ve been there too. Hang in there Girl?”.

Only a Mom knows, so very much.

That is why on Mother’s Day all our mom-pals brighten each other’s day with words of inspiration and encouragement.

We honor each other because we know.

We know how hard and amazing and wonderful and heartbreaking this hood is. We know that being a good mom is the greatest and hardest darn job in the world.

Days off? Nope. Sick leave? Nope. Hazard pay? No. Paid holidays? No chance.

Being a good mom takes all our strength- emotional strength, spiritual strength, and physical strength. Mentally draining. Challenging. A roller coaster of emotion. It takes every ounce of us to love on them, guide them, raise them, support them, and gift them to the world.

And Lord knows, it ain’t easy.

I love the “Shine Theory”, which is the idea that when you help another woman rise, we all shine. Building other women up—our fellow moms– is the power of the pack, the strength of our hood. We are stronger together.

Because we know.

Stay strong sisters. We need each other and I appreciate each of you. Mom-friends make life so much more fun and so much more manageable. They are not optional, they are necessary.

Let’s continue to lift each other up, compliment one another and inspire one another…because we know.

Rise up and shine on beautiful ladies! I see you. I honor you. I celebrate you. I know you are doing your best.

Everyone needs a good mom friend that they can text and say “This stage of parenting might kill me. Just wanted you to know in case I don’t make it”. No explanation needed.

Ain’t No Hood Like Motherhood.


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