Simple Tips to Help Your Mental Health

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Now more than ever we need to put our mental health FIRST. So many things are weighing on us- our/other people’s health, our jobs, politics, finances, boredom, and isolation, to name a few. When our world feels chaotic, we feel chaotic internally.

Taking care of our mental health is vitally important because it affects every aspect of our life, from relationships with friends and family members to our productivity at work or school. Our mental health encompasses our psychological, emotional and social well-being. This means it impacts how we feel, think and behave. It also also contributes to our decision making process, how we cope with stress and how we relate to others in our lives. It is that vital.

Taking care of our mental health aids in our resilience and recovery from stressful situations.

Mental health holds more weight than many people care to admit and it’s important to everyone… regardless of their job title or bank account.

People often ask how can they take care of their mental health… especially if they can’t afford or chose to not do therapy.

Here are a couple of simple tips:

  1. 1. Get good sleep 😴
  2. Sit out and soak up the sun for 15-20 minutes to get vitamin D 🌞
  3. Take a bath 🛁
  4. Try to eat a balanced diet. Eat a rainbow- lots of colors on your plate 🌈
  5. Get moving. Even a 15-30 min. walk will help you feel better. Your dog will thank you! 🐾👟🚴🏽
  6. Drink plenty of water 💦
  7. Connect with a friend and just check in 🥰
  8. Turn off electronics📱 💻 📺
  9. Play a game ♟ ♦️ 🏀
  10. Practice healthy thinking 🤔 💭
  11. Have fun! Do what makes you happy. Make cookies, read, draw, color, go on a hike. 🍪 ✍️ 📚 🖍
  12. Do something kind. Making someone else happy will make you feel happy, too. 💞
  13. Boost brainpower by treating yourself to a couple pieces of dark chocolate. It’s a win-win!🍫 🍫
  14. Try something outside of your comfort zone to make room for adventure and excitement in your life 🏂🎤🚲👨🏽‍🍳🏓🎣
  15. Slow down enough to quiet your mind and reduce your stress. Some free mindfulness apps are Headspace and Calm. 🧘🏼‍♀️ ☮️

Taking care of your mental health is taking care of your family, your co-workers, your friends, and your body. You are the one thing in this world- above all over things- that you must never give up on. Remind yourself often that you are a good person and you are worthy of a good life.

Your brain and your heart matter. Treat yourself with the love you deserve. ❤


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